Gary Brooks

COFO, SSOC, SDS 1964-1970 Mississippi, Louisiana
Current Residence: New Orleans, LA

As a 1964 high school grad in McComb [MS], I began to visit the workers at the freedom house. Worked on an unofficial "white folks" project trying to get local white youth to meet staff, volunteers, and older freedom school students. Occasionally, provided transportation for volunteers including one night time pick up of two volunteers stranded in Tylertown and facing a group of local thugs. Participated in the Meredith March and the march of Millsaps students protesting the murder of Benjamin Brown by Jackson police in 1967 (the first civil rights protest by white Mississippians). Member of 1968 delegation to Democratic Convention that finally unseated the segregationist Dems. At Tulane (1969-1970) worked on issues with Black Student Unio and anti-war activity.


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