Willie Boynton

SNCC, 1962-64, Georgia
Current Residence: Decatur, GA

I was arrested for participating in a mass march in Americus, Georgia . We left Allen Chapel Church and marched up North Lee street where we were stopped and surrounded by local police and members of the Georgia State Patrol. We were told to disperse and then immediately after being told that we were told that we were under arrest.

We were taken to the police station , where we had to pass through two lines of Blue Angels, and put into cells. (In order to be a Blue Angle you had to be six feet tall or taller and they we all armed with large billy clubs.) it was very intimidating having to pass through that line. I survived that night and spent forty days in jail and was released without a formal charge or going before a judge.

I am now retired and live in Decatur, Georgia.


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