Jorgia Siegel Bordofsky
(Jorgia Siegel)

CORE, Mississippi, New York, 1961-63
115 E. Pedregosa St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Email: jorgia

As a young person I was involved in demonstrations at Woolworths in Berkeley and Los Angeles in support of the sit-ins at the lunch counters in the south.

I joined the Freedom Riders to Mississippi in 1961 and spent 40 days in jail for breach of the peace, the act of going into a train station waiting room as an intergrated group.

After that experience I worked with CORE and SCLC in New York organizing fundraisers and support activities for those who were in the trenches of the South. I was very active in preparing groups to go on the l963 March on Washington and met with A Phillip Randolph at his office in Harlem. Along with two large buses that we filled with community people from the Lower Eastside of New York, the highlight of that event was a concert with Marvin Gaye in our neighborhood. Today, I am a registered nurse, mother and grandmother and supporter of all causes that bring peace, justice, health, sustenance and joy to our planet.


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