Stephen Bingham

SNCC, COFO, Mississippi, 1963-64
Current Residence: San Rafael, CA

Different Types of Unsung Heroes
A WASP in the Movement, September 2018

I worked on the Aaron Henry Mock Election in the fall of 1963. I returned to college a changed person and helped recruit students throughout the Northeast for the Mississippi Summer Project.

That summer, I did voter registration work in Holmes County. I wrote a series of letters home that summer. I missed out on submitting material for the book Letters from Mississippi so, if anyone else is writing a book, I could share some of the letters.

My life took a terrible turn when I was accused in 1971 of smuggling a gun in to prison leader George Jackson at San Quentin. I went underground for 13 years, most of the time in Paris where I met my wife-to-be Francoise. We returned in 1984, I was acquitted (first and only vote of jury) on 6/27/1986. I've been practicing legal aid law in San Francisco since 1990, specializing in welfare law. We have a wonderful, politically engaged daughter who just started college.

I so wish I had the time/money to do something significant for the victims of government callousness in the Katrina area. But I have my hands full helping poor folks in San Francisco whose problems are often not that different. The struggle for justice is everywhere. I'd love to hear from folks. I'm sorry I didn't post this years ago.


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