William Bigelow

SCLC/SCOPE, 1965 Alabama, Georgia, Florida
3822 N Kedzie Ave, 2W
Chicago, IL 60618
Email: Williamlbigelow@hotmail.com

From Seminary in Berkeley (Pacific School of Religion), I was sent to Selma after the march to Montgomery to stay and work in the Movement for an extended time. I was recruited to work wirh SCLC's SCOPE (Summer Community Organization and Political Education) project. I went to Atlanta and then to Madison, Florida, to work with David Dukes, Joe Keesecker and others, in Madison and Madison County.

At the end of the summer, a successful case was held in federal court in Jacksonville, against the officials of Madison, with evidence collected by a lawyer with CORE who visited us several times, for all the obstructions to our work and abuses of the lives of residents during the time of the project.

In subsequent years David Dukes returned to Madison, his home town, and conducted the Johnson-Brinson youth support program for a number of years, and more recently he was honored by the City of Madison for his work there by a parade and celebration at which I was one of the many speakers.


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