Debbie Amis Bell
(Debbie Amis)

SNCC, Georgia, 1961-64
Current Residence:
513 E. Allens Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Phone: 215-242-9066

I was a Field Organizer for SNCC. My major assignment was to work with the community, schools,churches and Black business community to desegrate the restaurants and businesses in Atlanta. My colleagues and I canvassed the streets, campuses, talked at churches, held rallies and meetings to recruit the community to picket, march and sit-in. At Jeb's reatuarant (precursor to today's fast food restaurant) baseball bats were the weapon of choice that the goons used on the civil rights protesters.The business community posted bail after we were arrested.

Atlanta was supportive of the SNCC activies. The community readily joined our protests and rallies. They often fed and nurtured us. Most importantly they were vigilant when we were jailed and they provided bail so that we could again hit the streets to continue our organizing and protests.

Another task was to represent SNCC at meetings with SCLC to discuss actions in Atlanta. It was not unusual for King, Abernathy, Vivian and other "big names" to be active participants along with us.

Pleasant memories and great friendships have been one of the gifts that I have gained from my service in the movement. It has layed the bases a life-long commitment for change — union, civil rights, community and the Communist Party.

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