Joe B. (Jody) Bateman

COFO/MFDP 1964-66
Current Residence: Silver City, NM

I worked in Marks, Mississippi for COFO and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party from September, 1964 to November, 1966 with time out in the summer of 1965 to attend University of Oklahoma.

I have helped edit and publish three undergroud newspapers:rnrecent In recent years I have been a musician and put out two CD's. I have taught school classes in Latin and current events. I have written two novels, one ofwhich was published and I have worked translating to and from Spanish for a small publishing business. I wrote a book about my experiences in Mississippi, but two thirds of the manuscript was destroyed in a flood.

While I experienced some strain on my physical health from the time I spent I Mississippi that lasted for several years after I left the state, psychologically I think I experienced a healing while I was in the movement in Mississippi. I am from a very dysfunctional family. For healing from that background and giving me the faith to go on that has lasted all my life I wish to thank the black community of Marks, Mississippi, especially the late William Franklin and his brother the late Jesse Franklin-also three black ministers and civil rights activists, Rev. G. W. Ward, Rev. W. L. Malone and Rev. S.A. Allen, all deceased. All these people and their wives and children have been remarkable human beings and community leaders.

As for white civil rights workers I wish to remember the late Alexander Shimkin of Champaign-Urbana, Illillois, who I knew in Marks for his courage and dedication-also my good friend Richard Arvedoll who in recent years was a lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee. Richard was in poor health and I have been unable to reach him and find out what has happened to him. His wife's name is Debbie Arvedoll and she is also a lawyer but apparently neither she nor Richard live in -Memphis any more. I would appreciate finding out where they are and what is going on with them.

As I am sure everyone has told you, for me the movement is still going on. I believe more than ever in the cause to which I was introduced in Mississippi and I continue to try to do my part.

Very best wishes in the continuing struggle.

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