Rims Barber

Freedom Summer 1964, Mississippi
Mailing Adress:
921 N. Congress
Jackson, MS 39202
Phone: 601-355-7495

Interview by Owen Brooks. 2006. 95min.

I was a Presbyterian minister in Iowa, and after my volunteer service in Freedom Summer I asked the Delta Ministry if I could return to work in Mississippi. I worked in Canton from 65 to 66 as an organizer. After the Meredith March, I moved to Greenville to assist with the program at Freedom City. After Robert Clark won a seat in the State House of Representatives, I helped set up an office in Jackson to assist him in representing the unrepresented. I assisted Henry Kirksey and Frank Parker on several re-districting lawsuits, and the Inc. Fund in desegregation of public schools. In 1977 I went to woek for the Children's Defense Fund, until 1989. I still live in Jackson, working with community groups and activists to impact public policy.

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