Fred Banks

NAACP, 1968-present, Mississippi
Current Residence: PO Box 290
Jackson, MS 39205
Phone: 601.359.3699

Interview by Owen Brooks. 2006. 43min.

Other than sitting-in in restaurants in Baltimore in 1961, my primary involvment in the 60s was as a lawyer with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., beginning in 1968 and continuing throughout the 70s and the first half of the 80s, in Mississippi. I was also President of the Jackson Branch NAACP throughout the 70s and I continue with the NAACP as a member of it National Board of Directors. Mississippi is my native state and I, therefore, do not consider my participation to have been voluntary. What little I was able to contribute was, in my view, required of me.

I practiced civil rights law in Mississippi from 1968 until 1985 when I became a circuit judge. Since 1991 I have served as a member of the Mississippi Supreme Court.

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