Wendell Bailey

SCLC, Alabama, 1965
72 A Williams St.
Waterloo, ON N2L 1J7
Email: wbbailey@gto.net

We organized and helped black residents in Tuscaloosa, AL. register to vote. T. Y. Rogers was our leader in Tuscaloosa. I well remember many others; James Orange, Revered Thomas Linton, Hosea Williams and others who are more famous.

It was a defining moment in my life. As a result of my civil rights experience I think I forever saw life in black and white. From that summer I attended a black college for two years. I was a C.O. during the Vietnam War and did my 1W service in Poland. Wherever I went I talked of my experiences.

I spent the rest of my life in northern Indiana farming and teaching in an Amish School. My wife and I raised three daughters who have great husbands, and now we have 8 grandchildren! We are retired and are living in Ontario, Canada with our oldest daughter and her family. I'd love to correspond with anyone about their experiences.


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