Hattie Mae Austin Martin Mays

SNCC, Selma Student, 1963-65, Alabama
Current Residence: Buffalo, NY
Email: hattmae@aol.com

I recently found my first arrest record from September 24, 1963 at the age of 14. I was processed at the jail house at Franklin and Alabama streets in downtown Selma and taken to Camp Selma for the night. I went to Juvenile Court the next morning and appeared before Judge Bernard Reynolds where I I was adjudicated a PINS (Person In Need of Supervision). Placed on Probation for 1 year I was a Ward of the State of Alabama and released in my mother's custody.

After my first arrest I was arrested more times than I can remember. The most horrifying arrest was in 1965 when we were taken to Thomasville Prison and housed for maybe 8-10 days and fed black-eyed peas 3 times a day. When I got home mom had cooked Black eyed peas. It took years before I could eat them again.

My late brother, Profit Lee Austin Barlow was involved and injured on Bloody Sunday and hospitalized 3 days at Burwell Infirmary. He also marched all the way to Montgomery. My Dad, Lee Ollie Howard was brutally beaten on Sunday 07/05/1964 at a huge mass meeting at a hall on Green Street. The attackers beat everybody in sight.

At the present time I speak at various venues regarding my involvement in nonviolent movement. People remain mesmerized regarding my history. I'm speaking tomorrow at the Salvation Army Black History Program.

I remain....
Hattie Mae Austin Martin Mays


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