Jerelean Austin

NAACP, COFO, SNCC, Mississippi, 1962-66
Current Residence: Jackson, MS

Organizations NAACP; COFO; SNCC 1962-1966; Mississippi: Jackson; Hattiesburg; Columbus.

Visited familiar black churches to encourage people to register to vote and attend mass meetings,canvassed door to door, restaurants, local black colleges, and streets; also worked at a Poor People Corporation outlet on Farish Street part-time when I returned to college. Participated in sit-ins in Jackson, MS. Arrested for picketing, in front of the city jail for release of demonstrators who were beaten unjustly and arrested. Participated in a sit-in in Atlanta, GA at a Toddle House with SNCC friends while taking a break from a conference. My picture shown in Memories of the Civil Rights Movement by Danny Lyon on p.129. My name not printed, as in the shadow of many photos taken during the 60s. During the early 60s, I thought that freedom for Blacks would spring forth in a very short time. As years passed I realized that the struggle for freedom was just the beginning of an on-going change — a spark that would eventually challenge the heart of every human being.

Presently I am a Hearing Impaired specialist. I have 28 years experience in teaching and educating hearing impaired children. In my efforts to accomplish my goals in life, I try to light a spark that others can pass on to help bring about positive changes for all people.

Peace and Love to all my brothers and sisters.


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