Antonio L. Thomas

LSCRRC, 1966-69, Georgia, Mississippi
Current Residence: Atlanta, GA

Participated in the sit-ins in Atlanta,as a student at Clark College. A named defendant in the U.S. Supreme Court case that ruled Georgia Anti- Trespass Law unconstitutional.

President of LSCRRC as a student at Emory U. School of Law. During years at Emory, provided legal assistance to Civil Rights participants in Mendenhall, Ms. Also organized the first conference for LSCRRC members in the South.

After graduating from Emory, hired by Dr. Vivian Henderson, President of Clark College and Veron Jordan, at the time head of VEP, to develop and lead the Georgia Service Center for Blark Elected Officials. This Center was one of five such centers in five Southern States designed to assist black elected officials. During the period of involvement in GSCBEO, called a meeting for Black Elected Officials that was held at Calloway Gardens, Georgia. That meeting resulted in the formation of the Black Elected Officials organization now known as GABEO.

Filed and litigated racial discrimination actions and other employment actions on behalf of Black policemen and firefighters in Georgia and other States throughout the country. Those actions resulted in the hiring and promotion of large numbers of Blacks in fire and police departments, including the first Black Chiefs in Atlanta.

Because of his activism as a lawyer, became one of the first lawyers prosecuted under the Federal RICO Statutes (27 counts). Represented by the renown Howard Moore (same lawyer who had represented him as a student in the Georgia Anti-Trespass Case) and George Lawson, a Georgia Attorney. The jury, after a three week trial found him to be not guilty on 26 counts. The U.S. Court of Appeals reversed the conviction on the remaining count.

Presently practing law in Atlanta and wherever he is called. Lives in Metro Atlanta with his wife of 30 years. He has two sons.

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