Dr. William G. Anderson

Albany Movement, Georgia
Current Residence: East Lansing, MI
Email: andnorma@aol.com

Past President of THE Albany Civil Rights Movement.

In the Beginning — the Albany Civil Rights Movement, 2021
Interview by Joseph Mosnier, re Albany GA Movement, SNCC, Dr. King, & etc. 2011

I led the Albany Movement ... motivated by SNCC. These were students from many colleges but primarily students from Albany State College.

There were literally hundreds of people from all walks of life that came to Albany at the height of the Movement. Taylor Branch spent a lot of time with the Movement and he included some of the experiences in his books on the life of Martin Luther King. Add to those that came ... Jackie Robinson, Vernon Jordan, John Lewis, Mae Jamison ... they all participated in the "Slavery to Freedom Lecture Series" that I was privileged to produce for Michigan State University. The Series lasted over 20 years and yet still runs. Add to this list Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Wyatt Walker, Freddie Haynes and Joe Lowery.

I spent much of four years as a DJ in Atlanta and in DesMoines. In these I earned enough money to help pay my way through Medical School.

We do not need another Holocaust, Slavery, Jan 6 or 9/11.

I yet make speeches around the country, primarily to education centers for it is obvious that the next generation will follow the leader ... whoever that may be. I hope to be among those that carry a positive message of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, JUSTICE, EQUALITY all found in OUR Constitution.

The Moving Walkway and The Making of a Felon Autobiographies of a Black Couple of the Greatest Generation.


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