George Albertz

MFDP, SNCC, 1964-65, Mississippi
P.O. Box 903
Rifton, NY 12471
Phone: 845-658-7700

Tells His Experiences as a Freedom Summer volunteer

The Movement certainly changed my life & many lives. The Mississippi Summer Project gave me the chance to put my life on the line for others, and to get arrested 3 times in Greenwood. (See Sally Belfrage's book Freedom Summer.) And to get to know Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, one of the truest heroines of the Movement. A towering prophet who continues to be a real inspiration to many! (Hallelujah, Mississippi now has an Institute for Racial Reconciliation!)

I was also active in New York City on behalf of the MFDP Challenge to the 1964 election and the Atlantic City Democratic Convention.

Since 1966, I've been part of a religious socialist "kibbutz" type of community. We share all goods in common and try to live out the values of the Beloved Community — to be neither a victim nor an executioner. And we still are singing Spirituals & Freedom songs. They never get old or out of date!

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