Poem by Robert F. Williams


A pusher man came to our town
With a bag of death and a phony crown
He spoke of magic and what he could do
Of joy so thrilling and so new.

He spoke of flight beyond the earth
With pain unknown and all was mirth.
His was a promise sure to convince
Of a Heaven on earth with no recompense.

Lo, a bad man come to our town
And soon down was up and up was down.
"Just a little snort and a happy toot"
An angel-elect became a prostitute.

A young boy enrolled in his criminal plan
And sold his soul to the Devil man.
A bad man came with a crown of death upon his head
And led a flock where only devils tread.

Behold the plague upon our town
That fills the cocaine burial ground.
Doom and misery everywhere
As Zombies roam with no love or care.

0' the town was cursed with crime and shame
When goodness fled and the pusher man came.
He spread his bags of powdered gold
And collected life for the product he sold.

A slave master came and brought his auction block
As he plied his trade in human stock.
Pusher man came from the depths of hell
Proclaiming joy as his victims fell.

He rode the fast lane in his gaudy style
As a weeping mother lost her precious child.
Legions of vultures laid siege to hallowed ground
As spineless elders surrendered our town.

The slave master boldly staked his claim
With a writ from hell to kill and maim.
Once law and order did abound
Before the pusher man brought evil magic to our town.

Now, every home is a forbidding jail
Where locks, guns and restraining bars prevail.
0' when will there come a Minute Man
With a call to arms to liberate our land?

Send the pusher man back to hell
And build a temple where all his victims fell.

[Originally published in The Crusader.]

Copyright © Robert F. Williams, all rights reserverd.


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