Poem by Sarah R.

SARAH R. on G's 80th

When I was young I learned that the spirit of revolution was angry
It heckled and raised hackles

Yelled at cops and crackled with rage Screamed chants from city streets to the skies above puncturing the silence

Then I learned that the spirit of the revolution was musical
It sang to those in the movement and beyond
Collectives formed thru melodies and lyrics
Bodies unified, dignified in their expressions of synchronous resistance

Later I learned at the heart of the revolution is joy
Joy in organizing, strategizing, supporting
Joy in lending a hand sharing food

Joy is the antidote, the antithesis, the articulation of light
That lifts the smog of exploitation and servitude

While embracing anger at systems and people who turn this world into distortion and pollution
To be joyful dissolves the barriers that have been erected around our humanity

We choose joy for each other, our healing, our will, our willingness
Deep joy uncovered that shines to bring us back together again and again
Joy survives and thrives

This I learned from you Mom
This I learned from you Dad

In times of great difficulty, choosing joy is a revolutionary act

Poem copyright © Sarah Rosenkrantz. all rights reserved.


[This poem our daughter, Sarah, wrote for my birthday. Eugene Turitz]

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