Civil Rights Movement Archive
The Stories We Always Wanted to Tell

Short stories about events we participated in, experiences we had, and the people we knew and loved.


Chude Allen
Ellen Broms
Kathy Cade
Hardy Frye
Maria Gitin
Miriam Glickman    
Linda Halpern
Bruce Hartford
Stu House
Don Jelinek
Adam Kline
Sherie Labedis
Betita Martinez    
Mike Miller
Wazir Peacock
Jimmy Rogers
Scott B. Smith
Nancy Stoller
Rick Tuttle
Bob Weil
Bright Winn
My Mother and Father Believe Ours Is a Good Country
"High Yellow"
My First Demonstration, Atlanta, 1962
Everyone Was a Leader
Story From Wilcox County, Alabama
Our Mississippi Dilemma
The Shooting of Silas McGhee
Albert Turner & the Rocking Chair
"Inciting to Riot" in Selma AL
The Two Cows
Greenwood, Mississippi
Fireball in the Night
Liz is Betita: A SNCC Memory
The Agitator
Fighting for Freedom in the Mississippi Delta
An Experience with Violence in Lowndes County, Alabama
Peep-a-Boo — In the Graveyard
Bowling in Prince Georges County, Maryland
The Brutal Winona, Mississippi Jail Beatings of June 1963
A Faulkner Tale
Mrs. Magruder

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