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Remembrances of the SCOPE Project
SCLC, 1965-66

In the summer of 1965, hundreds of northern volunteers — mostly though not entirely white — join southern Blacks to work on SCLC's Summer Community Organization & Political Education project. Working in six southern states, they register voters and help local leaders build Black-led community organizations. Some SCOPE project activity continued on into 1966. Though warned of the dangers they would face they came anyway to counties in Virginia, North & South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. These are their stories:

Peter Buck: Journal of a SCOPE Volunteer Summer, 1965
Larry Scott Butler: Short History Freedom Movement in Barbour County, AL
Maria Gitin:
    Story From Wilcox County, AL
    Letter From Wilcox County, AL
Lynn Goldberg: Diary of a Young Civil Rights Worker
Bruce Hartford:
    SCOPE — Crenshaw County Alabama
    Rural Alabama Sit-in
    Dave's Driving Lesson
    Showdown in Brantley
Lanny Kaufer: UCSB SCOPE Project Summer, 1965-66: Sussex County, VA
Sherie Labedis: Fireball in the Night
Vincent K. Pollard Veterans Roll Call Statement
Neil Reichline Veterans Roll Call Statement
Richard Stephenson Veterans Roll Call Statement

If you participated in the SCOPE project, please send us your story for posting here. You can email it to: webmaster@crmvet.org.


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