Roy Shields & the Draft Physical
Dennis Roberts

Roy Shields wasn't back but a couple of days before he got arrested for disorderly conduct. The army had been after him so he finally reported for his physical. They took everyone to the bus station to put them on a bus for Atlanta where they held the physicals. First they called all the names of whites and they got on the bus. Then they called the names of the Negroes. Roy got pissed off at this kind of segregation so he walked away. When he came back everyone was on the bus waiting and they were calling his name so he started over to the bus.

I guess he wasn't moving fast enough because the Sergeant said, "Move along, boy" which wasn't the smartest thing to say to him because Roy asked him who the fuck he thought he was talking to and told him a lot about his mother. The police were called and the bus left for Atlanta without Roy who spent the day in the Albany GA jail.

He finally got to go up to Atlanta the other day. The FBI had been by looking for him and they were so anxious to get him to Atlanta that they put him on a bus alone without waiting for the weekly busload. They kept him in Atlanta two days and I haven't been able to get the whole story yet but they finally turned him loose after he explained that he couldn't answer either "Yes" or "No" to questions like whether he knew any communists or whether he had homosexual tendencies and besides that he would be happy to discuss those or any other topics with the officers in charge but he certainly didn't want to restrict himself to a yes or no answer,

Hopefully, someone will do a novel about SNCC staff and the draft board someday.

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