Jerome Wolfe

As remembered by Tence Wolfe

Jerome A. Wolfe (deceased) was a field representative for CORE in Los Angeles and Memphis. He participated in the month long sit-in of a Monterey Park subdivision which had refused to sell a house to a black college professor. The subdivision relented and sold the house to the professor.

Jerry Wolfe was my husband. He was a little guy, with a big heart. He was active in L. A. CORE for several years and moved back to Memphis in 1964. I met him when he spoke to our group about CORE representing a group of students and their professor who had been arrested for "disturbing the peace" at the professor's home in a white neighborhood. The professor was holding a seminar for his class and the white neighbors took exception to the black students in attendance.

Jerry went on to get his doctorate, becoming the assistant to the head of the African American Studies Program at Oberlin College. At the time of his death he was a professor at the University of Miami.

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