Oncy Whittier
(  — 2009)

As remembered by Mario Salas
October 13, 2009

Oncy Whittier was a member of SNCC in the late 1960s in San Antonio, Texas. He participated in the Black Panther modeled breakfast program of SNCC and was beaten by SAPD officers after an attack on the SNCC office. Oncy was intelligent and worked hard against an entrenched racialized system in San Antonio. He stood up to racism in the most militant traditions of the Civil Rights movement and remains one of San Antonio's unsung heroes. He was active in selling SNCC papers in San Antonio and attended many meetings, which was a dangerous thing to do in those days, under the eye of one of San Antonio's most racist mayors, W.W. McAllister. He never wavered in his convictions to oppose white supremacy and the apartheid-like goverment of McAllister. Oncy Whittier died in the 1980s, but his spirit lives in the veterans of the Civil Rights Movement and those yet unborn who will face new challenges in the generations yet to come.

Submitted by Mario Marcel Salas

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