Rev. Dr. William Andrew Wendt


As remembered by Nydia Bellido, April 2007

Fr. Wendt was the Pastor of St. Christopher's Parish on Henry Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1950s. How loved he was by the entire congregation for his humanity and his great sense of humour.  He worked soooo hard to keep the boys off the street and out of gangs. He started a baseball team, made personal home visits and was practically a father to my brother Hector. I'll always remember the sadness when he left for a church in Washington D.C. I think he was my first childhood crush. He became so well known that the television program The Christophers did a program on his work at St. Christopher's. May he rest in peace and receive the heavenly reward he so richly deserves. God Bless You Father Wendt. In my heart, You were my first father.

Love, Nydia Bellido

As remembered by Brenda Kincaid Beatty, May 2002

I was privledged to work with Fr. Wendt the summer of 1963 at St Stephens and the Incarnation Episcopal Church.That was the summer of the March on Washington. I was a small part of an international summer service program. Fr. Wendt was a great man . He changed my life. I wish I had told him so.

Brenda Kincaid Beatty, Winamte Volenteer 1964

As remembered by Tori Snell, June 2001

You may wish to know that one of your great Freedom Riders died two days ago. Rev. Dr. William Andrew Wendt, 81, died in after a brief battle with cancer and his exit was the stuff of legend and the sort of thing one might expect from such a larger than life figure. Bill died in the church where he started his ministry many decades ago. He was there for the late morning service; gave a healing (remarkable in itself); settled back with his granddaughter at his side and as he listened to a reading of Psalm 30 he drew his last breath. He was wheeled out as the congregation sang 'Now the Strife is O'er'.

Keep the Faith.

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