Bill Ware
(1935 — 2014)


As remembered by Ser Seshsh Ab Heter-CM Boxley
June 22, 2014

Round bout 6 A. M. as the Ra Life Force Sun rose in its Summer Solstice modality another tall tree fell in the forest of tall Black African men. Another man done gone! Another man done gone! The Solar Life Force Ra has left the person of William "Bill" Ware and his Spirit begun its journey back to the world of Reality, leaving us living in the world of appearances.

Bill Ware was a star warrior for humanity and modern civil rights. He stared in the modern civil rights 1965 Documentary "Black Natchez!" Which is available and is viewed by many folks in Natchez and elsewhere. He was sent to Mississippi and his hometown Natchez by the Student Non- Violent Coordinating Committee Organization to "stir it up!" He is the tall young man standing on top of the car in front of the then NAACP headquarters at # 9 St. Catherine Street urging the folks to march on city hall as then Charles Evers was speaking to the crowd in the movie Black Natchez!

Farewell my good friend do not be afraid of the LIGHT as you travel to the other side to join a host of Ancestral Warriors and Warrioresses!

'You know that you are in trouble when you allow the same people who have historically oppressed you tell you your history and define your reality"... Dr. Runoko Rashidi

Light a candle for Bill Ware ya'll!

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