Bill Strickland

Long Distance Runner in the Struggle for Black Liberation, Peter Blackmer, April 19, 2024

As remembered by Maria Varela
April 11, 2024

This death is another hard one. Bill Strickland not only valued inter-culturalism, but practiced it. His Spanish put mine to shame. I loved to hear him speak because his grasp of the language was musical.

We had our last conversation years ago where I was speaking, possibly at Brown University. In my presentation I spoke of the resistance struggles I had been a part of in the Southwest where Indigenous and Nuevo Mexicanos struggled to keep their land and how my experience in the South with Black landowners resonated in those struggles. Afterwards he came up and talked about how much he and Stokely would have related to that because of similar commitments. I never forgot that conversation and have always been grateful to Bill for corroborating these seminal issues between cultures.


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