Sheila Michaels
(1939 — 2017)


As remembered by Joan C. Browning
June 22, 2017

It is my heartbreaking duty to tell her friends and Movement associates that Sheila Michels passed away around noon today after twelve days in hospice. Her ashes will be buried at her mother's grave.

Please feel free to post your remembrances here for transmission via her dear friend David to her survivors.

Farewell, my dear friend and colleague.


As remembered by Bruce Hartford
June 22, 2017

So sorry to hear this news. Sheila was a stalwart Winter Soldier of many freedom movements. For more information about long service in the cause of freedom and justice and links to some of her writings and memories, see her Veterans Roll Call page.


As remembered by Pat Yorck
June 22, 2017

Just heard that my old friend Sheila passed away today. I am heartbroken. We met in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1964 and remained friends every since. She was the godmother of my eldest daughter, Tanya. I knew her health was not good, but did not know that she was close to death.

Goodbye Sheila. Will love you forever and never forget your kindness, humanity and wicked sense of humor.

All my love.


As remembered by Colia Liddell LaFayette Clark
July 1, 2017

I am in absolute shock! It's hard to believe what I read here. Shelia and I shared greetings last year. My prayers for a safe journey.

Shelia was a primary leader and advocate for civil and human rights in the Capitol Region and New York State when I came with my young family in 1984. She was especially noted as leader for the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Through the 16 years that I spent in Albany I watched the evolution of her leadership through ups and downs but always she was steadfast for human justice.

My heart goes out to Shelia's birth family and especially, to the very large family of warriors, union leaders and workers, the members of the South African community who so loved and depended on her, the South African Peoples Friendship Association and scholars.

Shelia will live on through her work.
Shelia Michaels Asante!

Sister Colia Liddell LaFayette Clark


As remembered by Chude Pam Parker Allen
July 10, 2017

I was fortunate to have been interviewed by Sheila about my experiences in the Freedom Movement. She approached it as a dialogue. I learned so much. She was older, had been in the South longer and was a strong feminist. We talked a lot about being women — and white women — in the Movement.

Sheila did interviews all across the country on her own because she thought it was important to get as many stories as possible. She was not trained as an interviewer and uninterested in being impartial. Indeed she would disagree and share her point of view. It made for a very interesting and dynamic interview. We continued to see each other each time she came to San Francisco.

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