Memphis Norman
( — 2006)


As remembered by James Loewen
August 21, 2006

I met Memphis Norman while we were both students at Tougaloo College in March, 1963. He was a favorite student of Dr. Ernst Borinski and worked at Borinski's Social Science Lab, a meeting place for Tougaloo students and people in the Jackson area interested in social/racial change. I found him friendly, outgoing, and intelligent, and we became fast friends for the six days I attended Tougaloo that semester (as an "exchange student" — one-way — from Mississippi State University). A few months later, back at my home college, Carleton, in MN, I saw Memphis on the front page of the Minneapolis Star, a big picture, as whites were assaulting him and other Tougaloo students who were sitting in at a Woolworth lunch counter in down town Jackson.

I must break off his story here, although I knew he died a few months ago (c.2/2006?), hoping that others will complete this entry.

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