Curtis Hayes Muhammad

Remembering Curtis Hayes Muhammad
SNCC Legacy Project

Civil Rights Veteran and Grass Roots Organizer
As remembered by his family, February, 2022


Video Tribute
February 6, 2022

Video tribute created by Catherine Murphy of the Literacy Project under the close direction/guidance of Baba Curtis Hayes Muhammad, including his choice of music - Redemption Song. 10min.


As remembered by Fannie Theresa Rushing
February 1, 2022

As many of you may have heard, last night we lost from view, Curtis Hayes Muhammad, a true hero of the Mississippi Movement and beyond. Like all the great one's, he fought first for his village and then the world. We are so fortunate to have known him. He had flaws, but even flawed he was heads and shoulders above most.

He recognized the true interconnectedness of humanity and our struggles and went wherever there was a need never asking how much or how many only what could he do. We are also fortunate to have wonderful clips of him in the Chicago SNCC History Project Archives. In one of them, he is opening our first conference in 2003 offering libations for those who had passed and explaining why it was important to say their names. He has joined them now and we must add and say his name. He should not be forgotten.

Our work is even more urgent every time the bell tolls for another.


As remembered by Bob Zellner
February 1, 2022

Curtis Muhammad, like his comrades, Hollis Watkins and Brenda Travis, is a true hero of the movement. He answered the SNCC call and thereby joined the immortals. There is a new play, called Fannie, about Ms. Hamer.


As remembered by Heather Tobis Booth
February 1, 2022

So sad to hear about his passing.

Curtis lived his values and had life-long commitment to organizing. He was such a dedicated teacher, activist, organizer. Always firm in his own beliefs and carrying out what he believed in.

Curtis was one of the people who interviewed me before I was accepted into Mississippi Freedom Summer. When he returned to the U.S. from Africa, I helped connect him with the labor movement. And we stayed interconnected at a distance over the years. I mourn his passing and carry on the struggle to which he dedicated his life.


As remembered by Steven Goldsmith
February 3, 2022

In "Freedom on my mind" movie oh, he was critical to conveying the experience. "We've been buked and...., but will never..."


As remembered by Mike Smith
February 3, 2022

Thank you, Mr. Muhammad, for your commitment to the struggle. Your legacy will live through this generation and generations to come!

May God be with you.


As remembered by Millard Lowe
February 3, 2022

May Curtis Hayes Muhammad's soul rest in peace with The Most High and may his spirit continue to fuel us who continue to labor in love to bring full justice and true equality to us all.

Peace and Love, Millard "TEX" Lowe (02/15/1942).


As remembered by Pam Brooks
February 3, 2022

Thanks greatly for this moving tribute. So sad to learn of his illness and death. Didn't want to see Curtis go but glad I had the chance to spend a little time with him, Dad, and my daughter Fari in New Orleans.

As I turn 70 and think of my own mortality, I am moved by Curtis and this valiant cohort of men and women whom I've had the honor to know.

Curtis Muhammad, ¡presente!


As remembered by Maria Varela
February 4, 2022

These are all hard....but this one is a little harder. Curtis was a brilliant visionary who never lost his vision.

Rest in Power my brother.


As remembered by Oscar Chase
February 11, 2022


I was lucky to meet Curtis Hayes Muhammad in Mississippi when I was in SNCC in 1963-64. He was a brilliant man and a brave member in working to change Miss and other places. I learned much, much, from him.

I am so sorry that we have lost him.

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