Dr. Martin Luther King
(1929 — 1968)


In Memory of Dr. King — A Winter Soldier, Bruce Hartford.
January 15, 2005


As remembered by Constance Curry

I am thinking of Dr. King around his birthday and can't remember if I ever shared with you the last time I saw him. I was working for the Friends Service Committee and I was representing them on the committee in 1968 that Dr. King had organized to form a Poor People Campaign, Tent City, in Washington, etc. The committee was meeting with Dr. King at Ebenezer Church here to talk about the campaign before he left for Memphis where he was working with the Sanitation Workers. After the meeting at Ebenezer, I walked up to Dr. King where he was meeting and greeting folks. He was shaking hands and speaking with someone on his right. When I approached him from the left, he put out his left hand to me and said, "Connie, forgive my left hand, but it is the one closest to my heart." He was assassinated in Memphis the next day.

What a memory for me to hold. Connie

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