Marjorie Merrill
( — 2011)


As remembered by Aviva Futorian and Gloria Clark
June 6, 2011

We regret to pass on the information of the death of Marjorie Merrill. People who worked in the Holly Springs project and who lived in Tippah County in the '60s fondly remember her as a very funny, hard working, smart person beloved by everyone who came in contact with her.

She came to Holly Springs as a freedom school teacher in the summer of 1964 and continued working as an organizer for SNCC in Tippah County until the summer of 1965.

She was married to Bill Taylor for the past 20 years. She was a "senior" wind surfing champion. She and bill recently became ombudsmen for people in nursing homes in Florida. Marjorie was also active in retirement as a family mediator. She was about 75 at the time of her death, which was due to a stroke.

Sincerely, Aviva Futorian & Gloria Clark

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