Rev. Joseph Lowery


As remembered by John Reynolds
April 4, 2020

We have lost Rev. Joseph Lowery, one of the founding members of SCLC who, as a young Methodist minister, had helped organize the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. He worked with Dr. King almost until the day of his assassination in 1968. At Dr. King's request, it was Rev. Lowery who presented the demands of the voting rights marchers from Selma to Gov. George Wallace in 1965.

He became President of SCLC in 1977, succeeding Dr. Abernathy, and served as President longer than either Dr. King or Dr. Abernathy. When he retired in 1997, he had put SCLC back on a sound financial footing. Rev. Lowery had been ill for some time and passed away last week at his home in Atlanta at the age of 98.

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