Linda Moses Dehnad Smith
( — 2006)

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Linda (PDF file) As remembered by Marsha Rose.

As remembered by Chude Allen

In April, 2001 Linda Dehnad and I had a few email exchanges about her memories of working with SNCC. She wrote that she'd felt shy when she worked in the New York SNCC Office, but that once she discovered that others had similar thoughts, she began to speak up. I encouraged her to write more.

Chude Pam Parker Allen


As remembered by Ben Greenberg
June 27, 2006

"Another SNCC warrior has died"

Those were the first words from Scott B. Smith, Jr when he reached me on the phone about 45 minutes ago.

He wanted to inform me and all who knew her that Linda Dehnad, his wife, died this morning of undetermined causes at age 69.

Linda went to Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, AL last night because she was suffering from severe stomach pain. It happened to be her and Scott B's wedding anniversary. Exteremely frustrated and at her wits end after waiting for more than five hours to have her pain treated and her condition addressed, Linda asked Scott B to take her home around 9:30 PM. Scott B took care of Linda through the night; he fell asleep for a couple of hours at about 4 AM. When he woke up again at about 6 AM, Linda was dead.

Scott B said, "Linda came back to Montgomery with me to work with the people of Lowndes County. Though she was treated badly, she loved Lowndes County. Linda was a warrior. She never stopped trying to work with people. Anything she could do: she was doing it. She was concerned about the children. When she was teaching and was asked to use corporal punishment, Linda said, 'I am not a slave owner. I am a teacher.'"

In her last years, Linda had ongoing pain from fibromyalgia. Linda remained gifted writer, teacher and photographer and a committed activist. She taught and mentored many, many people, including me (Ben).

Linda has requested that she be cremated. There will be a memorial service on Sunday, July 2, at the Unity Baptist Church in White Hall, Lowndes, County, AL. Time and details to be announced.

Scott B welcomes phone calls, email and postal mail with condolences or memories of Linda. He would also welcome financial assistance to pay for Linda's autopsy. To reach Scott B his mailing address is 2010 McKinley Avenue, Montogmery, AL 36107. His email address is

Ben Greenberg

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