Ed Lewinson
(1930 — 2012)


As remembered by Sheila Michaels
December 11, 2012

He used to come to my place for New Year's Eve & sometimes for Passover, but not after he was no longer able to get in from New Jersey, so I could pick him up at the PATH train. Tonight I was just wondering if I could find him by simply Googling his name: & I could.

We were friends, already, when I went by train for free — companion to a blind man — to Houston for a CORE workshop in nonviolence. On the way back we stayed with New Orleans CORE people for a while: integrated the zoo rides, & etc. He went with me by bus to Jackson, where I was supposed to have a job with the "Mississippi Free Press". Charlie Butts had given "my" job to a guy, friend of his, I found, when I got there. Charlie said he had never expected me to show up.

Then Dave Dennis stepped in & gave me something to do & somewhere to live. Anyway, on the way to Jackson, Ed insisted on getting down at every stop & every general store & integrating the Black waiting rooms. I was so happy to be traveling with that huge german shepherd who was then his seeing-eye dog. (His last dog, Hooper, would have run away, given the chance & left us stranded in Poplarville.) Ed was always so morally clear.

Ed paid, himself, to bring that suit for barring him from a jury, because the ACLU just wasn't that into disability rights.

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