Ester King
(1943 — 2011)


As remembered by Joann Gavin
September 2, 2011

We have lost another good brother. Ester King, who worked in Itta Bena during Freedom Summer, and for many years in his native Texas, in the African American community and amongst many communities of struggle. Brother Ester was a revolutionary activist, historian and teacher of the people. He always stood up for the oppressed, from Third Ward Houston, to Palestine, to the prisons, to to ending the death penalty. He cannot be replaced.

I met him only after I settled in Houston in the early '70's. There was this man in meetings who would always say what I was planning to say, and who did not raise his hand again to speak after I had spoken to a point. It was a "that's what I was going to say" thing. When we finally confronted one another after a meeting, we said, almost simultaneously: "SNCC". It was not a question, it was a statement. We recognized that our organizing approach came from the same formative root. Our fraternal bond was sealed from that point on. There's now a big vacant space in my life, and throughout the community of struggle, especially in Houston.

Ester King, Live like him,
Dare to struggle,
Dare to win!

(joanne gavin)


As remembered by Mario Marcel Salas
September 2, 2011

He was a true revolutionary and fighter for the cause of the human spirit. We the veterans of the San Antonio SNCC and Black Panther Party will miss him but continue to honor his spirit with the work that will be passed on to future generations. He has entered the determined history of fighter for freedom as a frontline warrior. Our heartfelt condolances go out to his family and close friends. We will all step it up a notch in our struggles in his honor.

Mario Marcel Salas

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