Ronald (Ron) Kaufman
( –2015)

As remembered by Marti Leicester
March 5, 2024

I am writing this as Ron Kaufman's wife as Ron died in 2015 — a victim of ALS.

Ron organized voting registration in Greene adn Hale Counties Alabama in 1966 and also founded the Mississippi Freedom Project—Stanford and served as its Chairman and as a fundraiser for the Project.

Ron was one of the last whites to work in Alabama for SNCC and worked with Stokely Carmichael on strategy and tactics for organizing in Moundville. I would say his time in the South was pretty traumatizing and also very educational in terms of working with communities.

At the end of his life, just before Black Lives Matter, was founded, Ron despaired of the continuing racism in the culture and wondered if his work with SNCC and on behalf of Civil Rights had made a difference. I know it did and I am working to write a memoir of my life with Ron and his memories about working in AL. Later Ron became a peace activist and worked with Abbie Hoffman.

If anyone reading this has information about Ron, please contact me.

Thank you.
Marti Leicester

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