June Johnson
(1947 — 2007)

  As remembered by Dr. Allean Hudson Richter
April 20, 2007

June Elizabeth Johnson was a true hero of justice and the world won't forget it. I knew her as my classmate and friend. Her work as a civil rights leader ranks high among other legends like Fannie Lou Hamer, Stokely Carmichael and Martin Luther King, Jr.! She sung the songs of freedom and marched for justice while many closed their doors and hid. These were turbulent times for black people across America and the stronghold of racism was Greenwood, Mississippi. Greenwood neglected June for being determined, resolute and firm in her stand about freedom, and yet she paved the way for the citizens of Greenwood to have an equality government represented by all its citizens. She should be posthumously honored for being our historical legend. By lifting the veil of racism, she served this nation virtuously and never asked for praise, recognition or recompense.

Dr. Allean Hudson Richter
Palo Alto, California


As remembered by Susan Reep
April 15, 2007

I was so sorry to hear of Mrs. Johnson's death. I have two 12-year-old students who made a video for History Day on Fannie Lou Hamer. Mrs. Johnson spoke to the girls on the telephone on February 18 to answer questions and tell of her experiences, and what she told us helped Ali and Allie understand the civil rights movement better and understand the circumstances of Fannie Lou Hamer's life. We could tell that Mrs. Johnson was not well, and she told us a little about her condition, but she still took the time to talk to the girls and educate them. It was very kind of her and showed what kind of a woman she was — a real role model in the best sense, and a hero also. The word hero is so overused, but there are times when it does apply, and in this case it does.

Ali and Allie and I recently attended the 2nd Annual Mississippi Veterans of the Civil Rights Conference in Jackson and the girls showed their video. It was a huge success, and Mrs. Johnson had a role in that success by sharing her experiences with the girls. They will carry the messages of the movement to their generation, thanks to the generosity of people like Mrs. Johnson.

Susan Reep

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