Julia Aaron Humbles
(1943 — 2016)


As remembered by Joan C. Browning
January 27, 2016

Will the circle .....

Julia Aaron was a Freedom Rider on the third bus, Trailways, from Montgomery, Alabama to Jackson, Mississippi, May 24, 1961. She was already a seasoned CORE member in New Orleans. I was on the telephone with Dodie Smith Simmons when we learned of her passing.


As remembered by David "Dave" Dennis
January 27, 2016

Sadly, I am sending this notice to inform you of rthe passing of our friend, fellow soldier and loving human being, Julia Aaron Humbles. As many of you know, Julia was a pioneer and part of the great warriors and unknown heroes from the New Orleans CORE group. She was scheduled to be one of the original Freedom Riders but missed the bus because she was in the New Orleans parish Prison for picketing, She was on time to join the Riders in Montgomery, Al and was on the first bus from Montgomery to Jackson, MS.


As remembered by Margaret Leonard
January 30, 2016

I knew Julia when I was in the New Orleans CORE. She and Dave Dennis went on the first freedom ride while I was still afraid to go and afraid for anybody to go. When the school's summer break came, I went home to Atlanta and brooded over it, read the papers about it, talked about it. Finally, I decided I probably wouldn't get killed — nobody had so far, although some of the first riders came close — and it was important to fill the jails. So I went. I've never forgotten Julia's courage and persistence and generosity. Sometimes people tell me I was brave, and I think, "you should have seen Julia Aaron."

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