James Vance Henry (Jason Spaulding)
(  — 2005)

As remembered by Hunter Bear and Martha Ture

Deborah Moran sent this just now. J.V., originally from Asheville, N.C., broke with his family's traditions and became active in SNCC in the very early '60s and stood with the Movement for years. He was in several Southern hot spots where he did fine civil rights work -- and eventually secured a law degree from Howard where he served as editor of the Howard law journal. As a lawyer, he worked for migrant workers and unions in California, then became active on behalf of Native rights and environmental causes. He was a fine legal scholar. We were in jail together at several points in the Old Days. He was a special friend of many of us, including my oldest daughter, Maria, who he first knew when she was little more than two years old. J.V. will be very much missed. Would appreciate it if this could be forwarded to the SSOC list asap. Hunter Bear

I received this from Martha Ture. JV spoke of you often and I wanted to let you know:

Dear friends,

I am sorry to tell you that James Vance Henry aka Jason Spaulding has passed away.

I have just gotten off the phone with Bob Wood of the Nevada County Sheriff's Department. JV was found on December 23 in the Nevada County library. Cause of death is not yet known, pending autopsy. Mr. Wood had not known how to notify relatives until today. He has notified estate attorney Jack W. Westall of Ashville, North Carolina, who will notify JV's sister Beth.

No arrangements have yet been made for burial, pending the family's notification and decisions. I have left a message with Mr. Westall's secretary asking that I be notified if there is anything we can do to assist. I have also told Mr. Wood that he may consider me available to assist in any way possible.

Please be so kind as to pass this along to others I have not named on this distribution. I am at a bit of a loss. I'm torn down.

Mi'kmaq /St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na4shdo4i4ba4i4 and Ohkwari'

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In our Gray Hole, the ghosts often dance in the junipers and sage, on the game trails, in the tributary canyons with the thick red maples, and on the high windy ridges -- and they dance from within the very essence of our own inner being. They do this especially when the bright night moon shines down on the clean white snow that covers the valley and its surroundings. Then it is as bright as day -- but in an always soft and mysterious and remembering way. [Hunter Bear]

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