Rick Marshall Greene
(  — 2009)

As remembered by Mario Salas
October 13, 2009

Rick Marshall Greene was a member of SNCC in the later years of the movement in San Antonio, Texas. He was expelled from Wheatley High School, a black segregated high school, in 1969 for refusing to cut his Afro hair cut. He was reported to the local draft board and was drafted. He served in Vietnam and upon return joined the last SNCC chapter in the U.S. in 1972. He helped to lead the drive for a Martin Luther King state holiday in Texas and was a member of Frontline 2000, a civil and human rights organization in San Antonio. He was active in the anti-apartheid movement and was a delegate to the Conference in Solidarity with African Liberation in the 1980s. He supported the activities of the ANC (African National Congress)by working in solidarity with the anti-apartheid movement. He left a legacy of militancy in the San Antonio area while working in various groups that worked toward civil and human rights.

Submitted by Mario Marcel Salas

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