Mildred Forman Page
( — 2018)


As remembered by Fannie Theresa Rushing
March 17, 2018

Sadly, another valiant freedom fighter is taking her eternal rest. This morning, Mildred Forman Page died. The final arrangements are pending.

Mildred Forman Page was born and went to school in Chicago. She went south with her, then husband, James Forman when he was asked by SNCC to become the executive secretary of the organization. She gave up her home, job and comfortable life to work in SNCC's Atlanta office. After she returned to Chicago, she remarried, raised her children and grandchildren. Mildred continued to support Chicago Area Friends of SNCC and just as faithfully supported the Chicago SNCC History Project of which she was a founding member. In the last few years, she was often in pain. Still, she continued to attend meetings and events to lend her support however she could.

There is an article by Mildred, about her life with SNCC in, Hands on the Freedom Plough.

Please add her name to the long list of the departed.

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