Grant Dorn


As remembered by Mario Marcel Salas
December 9, 2012

Grant Dorn was a member of the SNCC-Panthers in San Antonio, Texas from 1969-1971. He was involved in political education classes and played an important role in the development of the local chapter. He was very courageous and a fun loving individual in the short time that he was involved. He helped sell the SNCC newspaper and helped man the SNCC office at the corner of Iowa and Pine Streets. He served in SNCC at a time when the segregationist mayor of San Antonio, Walter McAllister, ruled city hall as an avowed racist. Grant Dorn is remembered for his spirit, fierce loyalty, and dedication to the movement. His sister, Yvonne Armstrong, who passed on November 27, 2012, helped to bring the importance of black history to new levels. Grant Dorn died in the 1970s.

By Mario Marcel Salas

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