Marv Davidov
( — 2012)


As remembered by Eugene Uphoff

In Memorium — Marv Davidov

I choose to remember Marv as the elder statesman of the Minnesota Freedom Riders. And no wonder — he came to the bus station relaxed, witty and honest, full of conviction and passionate about everything from voters rights to ending wars. His sense of humor never failed to break the ice.

I choose to remember Marv as the jailbird with whom I spent my 19th summer in Mississippi, enjoying the Southern hospitality of theParchman State Prison.

I choose to remember Marv as an orator. He told stories of his youth with a novelist's charm and advocated for peace with the persuasiveness of the pulpit.

I choose to remember Marv as a generous mensch. His progressive politics held no trace of the mean spirit or selfishness found in Tea Party circulars.

I choose to remember Marv as a marcher. You could count on seeing him on the picket lines whenever there was a gathering to promote the cause of peace.

I choose to remember Marv as a teacher. He never missed an opportunity to tell friends and new acquaintances alike about the causes he championed. As Marv became ill, and the strength of these traits ebbed away from him one by one, he continued to speak truth to the powers that be, never weakening in his resolve.

But his dedication, compassion, and courage will not be erased because I choose to remember Marv.

Written by Gene Uphoff and read to those gathered for Marv's memorial by Claire O'Connor and Bob Baum March 2012

© Copyright Gene Uphoff,
(Labor donated)