Lorne Cress Love


As remembered by SNCC Legacy Project (SLP)
February 9, 2023

Born Lorne Katharine Cress in Chicago in 1934, Lorne worked with SNCC in Mississippi 1964-65. She was instrumental in the founding and continual programming of the Chicago Friends of SNCC. While living in Washington, DC she was involved with WPFW. She was a schoolteacher in Chicago, and was a cousin of SNCC Veteran Ethel Minor.

Cress-Love said her father and grandfather, both of whom were physicians, were passionate about fighting for equality. "My father told us that our grandfather spent more time fighting for the race than practicing medicine."


As remembered by Zoharah Simmons
February 9, 2023

So sad to learn that another one of our comrades has joined the Ancestors. I remember her so fondly. Her spirit, her lovely smile, her very presence could light up a room. While warm and affectionate, she was a hard worker and could organize a work space in record time and so efficiently.

Each of us in SNCC were one of a kind. Lorne brought her unique self to our "Band of Brothers and Sisters and our Circle of Trust." Her work, her personae will never be forgotten!

With love to all who mourn her passing from us forever.

Lorne Cress, ¡Presente!

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