Gordon Carey


As remembered by Mimi Feingold Real

Gordon was a quiet giant among men — selfless, courageous, utterly dedicated. He has always been one of my heroes. May we all have the strength and drive to carry on his legacy.


As remembered by Evelyn Jones Rich
December 26, 2021

I remember Gordon Carey well. Katherine Seelye wrote a wonderful obituary for the New York Times He joined Marvin, my husband, as a CORE staffer in 1959. He was low-keyed, well versed in the intricacies of non-violent direct action and a stalwart as we continued our work targeting firms which discriminated here in NYC and beyond! Always willing to respond to calls for assistance from everywhere, Gordon carried the CORE torch gracefully, wisely and well. Evie Rich


As remembered by James Marshall
December 28, 2021

I remember Gordon Carey well when I worked with Marvin Rich and him in 1963-1964 in the [NY] offices of National CORE.

In planning the demonstrations for the opening of the World's Fair at Flushing Meadow, Gordon Carey layed down the rules for whom and when demonstrators could be arrested. He decided that my job was to track where arrestees were being sent to jail. Tracking this was crucial and even though I wanted to be arrested that day Carey said I could not.

Gordon Carey was the heart of CORE's legal strategy and he made sure everyone did what was required for the common good. Jim Marshall The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and the Kennedy Administration, 1960-1964: A History in Documents (2018)
Student Activism and Civil Rights in Mississippi: Protest Politics and the Struggle for Racial Justice, 1960-1965 (2013)

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