Guy Carawan
(1927 — 2015)

Highlander Remembers Guy Carawan


As remembered by Bruce Hartford
May 3, 2015

Without freedom songs and freedom singing (as opposed to performance singing) the Freedom Movement as we knew it would not have existed in the form that it did. Guy was a major contributor to making it so. Whenever the freedom songs of the sixties are still sung, Guy Carawan is present, along with so many others.



As remembered by Constance Curry
May 5, 2015

Friends, When I think of Guy and Candy Carawan and what they meant and mean to me, one of the sustaining things for my time with SNCC and the movement was when we would stand in a circle and hold hands and sing We Shall Overcome. I shall never forget that those moments always made me feel so sure of our goals and what we could accomplish. Chuck McDew and I, and others used to call it our Band of Brothers and Circle of Trust. My very best to Candy — I hope you are on this list.

With love, Connie Curry


As remembered by Casey Hayden
June 2, 2015

I share Connie's memory and will always be grateful to Guy and Candy, and for our song, always there in my heart.

Casey Hayden

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