Teresa Burroughs


As remembered by Perry County Commissioner, Albert Turner Jr.
May 22, 2019

Civil Rights Advocate, Teresa Burroughs Dies At 89

Hale County fiery community leader and founder of the Safe House Musuem died this morning at a Tuscaloosa hospital. Mrs.Teresa Burroughs was born on August 14,1929. Teresa's was a strong supporter of voting rights and civil rights in the Hale County community.

In the 1960's Mrs. Burroughs was very involved in the Civil Rights Moment participating in several marches to help desegregate the City of Greensboro. During that period of time Mrs. Burroughs also provided shelter to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights workers who made their way to Hale County. Later in life Mrs. Burroughs was very involved in electing Greensboro's first African American Mayor John Owens. Mrs. Burroughs was routinely visited by local and regional political candidates seeking her support for their campaigns.

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