Amelia Boynton
(1911? — 2015)


As remembered by Lula Joe Williams
August 26, 2015

Good Evening All,

Our Civil Rights Family has been touched again by the Death Angel. I got word a little earlier that, Mrs. Amelia Boynton passed away earlier this morning. We can only say, "Praise God!" and what a Blessing to have known her. God is so AWESOME; He allowed her to be with us for one hundred plus years (103). There will be three services, but SCLC is asking that we consider being in Selma on September 5th. They would like for the Foot Soldiers to march from The Edmond Pettus Bridge to First Baptist Church. As information is received, I will pass it on to you.

Please keep each other lifted up in Prayer.



As remembered by Dr. Gwendolyn M. Patton
August 28, 2015

Hi, For those of us who were inspired and knew Mrs. Amelia, we know that her committed life in the struggle for freedom and justice will live throughout the ages. My fondest memory of Mrs. Amelia is when I visited her in her home in Tuskegee. She was mending quite well after a fall that injured her hip. She was 92 years young. She had prepared dinner for us. As I toured her home, she had this large room with folding chairs leaning across the walls. Nothing else was in the room. I asked, "Well, what do you do in this room?" She joyfully replied, "In the event that a bunch of Movement people come and need a place to stay, they can come here with their sleeping bags and stay here." Such was/is her spirit.

After a tour of her home, I accompanied her to the basement. There she put clothes in the washing machine to do her weekly wash. Mrs. Amelia loved to dance to the latest tunes, including hip hop. Now she is dancing and delighting our ancestors with her rhythmic steps that imbue us with fortitude to press on for freedom and justice.

Sisterly, Gwen Patton

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