Rev. Richard C. Boone
(1937 — 2013)


As remembered by Mary Boone
February 7, 2016

Rev Richard C. Boone worked with Rev. James Bevel, James Orange, and others under Dr. King. He worked with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee as well. He was an organizer of many of the protest marches in Selma, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery before the Bloody Sunday Event. He was field organizer in Montgomery and organized students who met the marchers has they came into Montgomery. He worked on anti-riot teams in the Northern States. He organized the Alabama Action Committee and as director he was know as the "Food Stamp Man" as he advocated for the poor before City Council and County Commissioners.

He was a Chaplain (Major, USA) where he ministered to soldiers in Germany, California, and Louisiana.

He passed October, 2013.

The city of Montgomery, the County of Montgomery, State of Alabama recognize July 7 as Rev Richard C. Boone Day. An historical marker has been placed on the Selma to Montgomery Trail marking the contributions make by Rev Boone.

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