Maya Angelou
(1928 — 2014)


As remembered by Dr. Gwendolyn M. Patton
June 4, 2014
[Photographer unknown] The photo was taken in my home in 1979. Maya was in Montgomery, filming her TV movie, "Sisters." She was my home guest on several occasions. The first was bar-hopping so she could sense the local Black culture of entertainment. Another time she said she was coming for dinner and to invite some of my friends and colleagues. I was going to bake a chicken, but she made it clear she wanted it fried and proceeded to my kitchen to fry the chicken and to prepare the entire meal! As we supped, she mesmerized us with her art of story-telling, each lesson laced with values and principles. Maya was a phenomenal woman in our Movement Family. Down-to-earth, honest, coming through the fire as pure gold.

Sisterly, Gwen Patton

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