Mrs. Annie Devine


As rememberd by Victoria Adams, August 28, 2000.

Please add the name of Mrs. Annie Devine to the roster of those having completed the journey. Tomorrow,in celebrating the life of Ms. Devine, among other words of tribute, I will say: "Mrs. Devine introduced us to our most courageous selves and our most noble selves; our highest possibilities and our GOD intended destiny to BE and LIVE FREE.

"Ms Devine was a behind the scenes giant, A GOD sent giant who came and dwelt and worked on the back roads in the rural places and the often unseen paths where so very many of God's children live. When hearing the question, 'WHO can we send, Who will go for us?' She responded, 'Someone must go, so send me,I'll go. YES, Lord, Send me.'

"Having completed her work, which is well done, better than well, pressed down, with good measure, running over, she now dances with the Ancestors, in the presence of the CREATOR. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! SHALOM, our SISTER, MOTHER, MENTOR, FRIEND, SHALOM.

"I AM........"

Copyright © 2000, Victoria Gray Adams and Cecil Conteen Gray.

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